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1021 Rowland Ave Columbus, OH 43228

Pennington’s Tree Service LLC

Your 24/7 Partner for Urgent Tree Care Solutions

Available 24/7, we’re your trusted partner for swift and reliable urgent tree care solutions, ensuring safety when it matters most.

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About Our Company

Since being established in 2022 Penningtons tree service has been known for an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. It’s this standard of excellence that has provided the impetus for us to grow into the business we are today.

We believe that the customer always comes first – and that means exceptional services, and you pay nothing until your fully satisfied. Over fifteen (15) years experience as an arborist. At Penningtons Tree Service we take pride in offering professional work at an affordable price. Get in touch today to learn more about what we have to offer.

24/7 Availability

Count on us for 24/7 availability to tackle tree emergencies whenever they arise.

Services We Provide

We work to meet this ambitious goal by focusing on these key areas of conservation.

Emergency Tree Services

Get immediate help for urgent tree-related issues with our reliable emergency tree services

Tree Removal

Make your property safer and more appealing with our professional tree removal service.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Enhance the health and beauty of your trees with our precise tree trimming and pruning service.

Tree Planting

Transform your landscape with our skilled tree planting service, adding natural beauty to your surroundings.

Tree Stump Grinding

Get rid of tree stumps effectively and restore your landscape's beauty with our specialized stump grinding service.

Tree Transplanting

Relocate trees with care and expertise using our professional tree transplanting service, preserving the beauty of your landscape.

Tree Cabling or Bracing

Ensure the stability and safety of your trees with our expert tree cabling and bracing service, preventing potential risks.

Tree Pruning or Trimming

Maintain the health and appearance of your trees with our skilled tree pruning and trimming service, promoting growth.

Insect Management - Trees

Protect your trees from harmful insects with our effective insect management service, ensuring their health and longevity.

Round-the-Clock Solutions with Exceptional Expertise

With an arboricultural legacy spanning over 15 years, Penningtons Tree Service excels in combining seasoned proficiency with innovative techniques. Our dedicated team prioritizes meticulous tree care, focusing on health, aesthetics, and safety. We’re proud to redefine excellence in the industry, setting a new standard that reflects our commitment to your trees’ well-being.

Tree-related emergencies can strike at any moment, leaving your property vulnerable and your safety compromised. That’s why Penningtons Tree Service is proud to offer our 24/7 Emergency Service. With our company’s name at the forefront, you can trust us to be there for you round the clock, providing rapid and reliable assistance when you need it most.

How we work


Dedicated Team

We have a team of experts where you can easily find professional help for ant type of service.

Quality Material

We always used excellent quality material and we do not compromise on quality.

No Hidden Cost

We have a powerful check on prices. We provide work at a
fixed price.

Guarantee Service

We are intended to ensure that the work we perform meet the absolute highest quailty standards.

No job is too difficult

Our expert team is experienced with all sizes of projects for residential, commercial industrial, and county projects.

Our Story

My wife and I decided to start Penningtons Tree service after a lot of prayer. We took our love for the Lord, and my skill as an arborist and, through prayer, and hard work combined them into what is now Penningtons Tree service.

Clients Feedback

Incredible response during an emergency. Penningtons Tree Service's 24/7 availability and expertise were a lifesaver.

Douglas D. Hall Customer

Penningtons Tree Service's 24/7 response was a relief when I needed urgent help. Their expertise in tree care is evident in every interaction.

Bruce Gillispie Customer

Impressed by their quick and efficient emergency service. Penningtons Tree Service's expertise made a daunting situation manageable.

Ronny Raney Customer

Experienced insured licensed specialties

Experienced, insured, and licensed specialists providing comprehensive tree care services with exceptional expertise.

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1021 Rowland Ave Columbus, OH 43228

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    Discover Pennington’s Tree Service LLC, your reliable choice for complete tree care. We offer expert tree services to elevate the beauty and well-being of your outdoor space. Count on us for dedicated and professional tree care tailored to your needs.

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