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Puppies are precious living beings on a quest to discover the charming mysteries of the world. Ever more curious every day, full of vigor and moxie, puppies need active support systems in place to help them on their journey to become the best puppies they can be.

Expert Quote:

“Puppies develop at a fast pace, so there is a small window of opportunity when they are from 5 to 16 weeks old to effect positive development,” says Pat Hastings, co-editor of Another Piece of the Puzzle: Puppy Development.

Unfortunately, in most places puppies spend much of this valuable time locked in cages. Puppies live CAGE FREE at Smart Puppies. We strive to:

Family owned and operated, we are driven by unconditional love for our pets, the same love that they give to us. Come visit our happy, little place to see for yourself or watch us live on YouTube.


Find Your Perfect Match

Tailored selection to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

Build Lasting Bonds

Expert-led workshops for a stronger connection with your pup.

Beyond Adoption Day

Your partner in every step of your pup's journey.

Our Services

Quality Breeds

We specialize in a variety of dog breeds known for their intelligence, temperament, and compatibility with families.

Expert Guidance

From breed selection to training tips, our experts are here to ensure a seamless journey into pet parenthood.

Health and Wellness

Our puppies are under the constant care of experienced veterinarians, receiving regular check-ups and vaccinations.

Forever Homes

We're committed to uniting our puppies with loving families, ensuring they find forever homes where they'll be cherished and thrive.

What Our Client's Said

Smart puppies is an amazing shop. They facilitate a great environment for their puppies and for people of the community. I’ve visited them a few times with my family and it’s always a joy. They are super kind and very knowledgeable.

Samir Customer

Amazing place in downtown Stamford, I had a unique experience interacting and playing with the puppies, the owner loves the puppies so much that they haven’t seen any cages. I love the environment and being able to take pictures with them at the princess chair. Definitely an amazing environment and will coming back soon.

Jacqueline Cruz Customer

My daughter searched on the web about smart puppies looking to find some funny photos, but instead she found this puppy website. We went for a visit and loved it! Will go back maybe every weekend.

Tadej Znidarcic Customer

Our Packages


From $55
  • An elegant and intelligent breed with a hypoallergenic coat, bringing both charm and companionship

Bath & Full Groom

From $65
  • Our full groom package includes: bath, dry with styling and nail clipping

Bath & Tidy Up

From $75
  • Our service for a large dog include nail trim, cleaning, haircut and blow dry.

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